Monday, April 14, 2014


 I made two of these benches to go with Alex and Nadia's parsons table. 
I went bananas photographing them for two reasons, I wanted to take pictures before they were stained grey and I couldn't decide where to take them. 

Sidetable, Smallseat, Stepstool...

I've been loving making these 
They are reclaimed douglass fir beams 

I would love to make you one!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Alex and Nadia's Tall Parsons Table...

10'L x 39"W x 31"H
Reclaimed Douglass Fir 
Bleached and oiled with Rubio Monocoat's Natural
Assembles in 3 pieces

Many thanks to my good friend Anika for putting me in touch with Alex and Nadia!  

Alex and Nadia have a loft in the historic warehouse district of Jack London Square. There home was once a grocery store warehouse which later became the first location of S&W foods, (as in canned tomatoes). The building was converted into lofts and office spaces in 1994. 

Despite some over the top nineties finishes in the common areas, the actual loft has beautiful industrial architectural elements like concrete ceilings, columns, a brick wall and sizable common spaces like in the a dinning area. Naturally Alex and Nadia wanted a table out of reclaimed Douglass Fir. 

The finish is a 2 part finish, 1st bleaching the wood and then applying a tinted oil, keeping the table light but not white washed. 

Many thanks for all the help from Hannah Mintz and Paul Bondick!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Shop shots of Steve's Table...

Please excuse the mess!
I have better process photos of Steve's table then of the finished table.  
7'-8'-9' L x 40"W x 30"H
White Oak

We searched high and low but finally found a equalizer extension table slide. 
It has two leaves and uses a stationary table base extension slide. It is equalized, when one half of the table top is pulled open the other half opens at the same rate.  

 This omits having to build the base in two halves and then dragging half of the table base across the floor when you put leaves in the table. 

Aligning the leaves and tops was crucial to get all the pins to register properly. 


This is the first Instagram video I have ever made, it's terrible, but it gives a tiny idea of the horizontal mortiser in action.  I used it to make slots for the registration pins. The machine belongs to Byron of The Last Inch and then, to really get the heads to turn, he gave me the ebony to use for the registration pins!

*On a side note, Byron has been known to make his own beautifully machined, stationary base equalizer slides, with rack and pinon and sliding dovetails.  #woodworkersensei

Many thanks to Matt Bear, Byron Zook, Charles of Digby and Dad Movers and Steve for your incredible patience as I got back on my feet after my move.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bring Me A Book - A Project For The Children's Literacy Initiative

 Many thanks to Steve, who shared my name with Chris Loker who lead this project to create a Book Caddy.  A scaled down companion product to the larger Bookcase Libraries, that Bring Me A Book provides California pre-schools and elementary schools.  

Bring Me A Bookis a non profit organization that ignites the passion to read through bringing books to under served children to strengthen language and literacy skills. Bring Me A Book inspires reading aloud to children, the most important factor in determining a child's future success in reading.*

Architect David Lyman meticulously - executed, detailed design drawings. 

I worked with Aardvark Laser Engraving to have the Bring Me A Book logo engraved. 

So many clamps for such a small caddy!

Then the steady handed painters at Golden West Sign Arts added color to the logo with enamel. 

Chris is prolific, talented and creative, among writing and publishing books of her own, and running her museum of antique and rare children's books, she is curating an exhibition.  One Hundred Books In Children's Literature will be opening late 2014 and running through 2015 at The Grioler Club in New York.  Books will be displayed in the caddies for visitors read. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

888 Brannan - Airbnb

888 Brannan Street is the home and headquarters to Airbnb.
The whole project was photographed beautifully by Emily Hagopian
I had to remove all the photos of the finished office due to a misunderstanding and the rights. 

Airbnb is a worldwide online community marketplace that connects people who have space to spare with those who are looking for a place to stay.*

When you enter there is a long walkway following original railroad tracks into the building. There are huge beams stacked serving somewhat as a reminder to what was once a large scale warehouse to a paper distribution company.  
Imagine needing that much paper, this building is HUGE, Airbnb has 169,000 square feet, which might be half the total square footage. 

Then the space opens to a vast atrium filled with natural light so nice it feels like being in a park.

I was brought onto the project by Interior Design Fair, via a referral by Zak of Plush (Thanks Zak!) IDF designed spaces to simulate favorite-listings, posted during Airbnb's first years in business. 
Look at this lovely, hardworking team of interior designers! 

Each project was named after the listing it is replicating. 
Here are the photos from Airbnb's website of a House Boat in Scandinavia.

Which became Airbnb's Reception, and Breakout space.

The space below is a listing from Copenhagen,

Which became one of Airbnb's Meeting Rooms

To see all the pictures of this project go Here and look through the gallery. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Film of The De La Espada Factory...

To watch the film by Dutch filmmaker, Juriaan Booij, click Here

Opening up with the surrounding countryside and bringing you onto the factory floor where rough-sawn boards are made into finished furniture. 

Listen for the creaks of wood being clamped mixed into the score, by Composer, Andy Simms.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Boots Boots Boots...

The much needed rain brought to my attention that my feet are in dire need of some boots that have water-tight soles. This is California, I don't need anything snow or mountain climb worthy,  just some smoothish bottomed comfortable work boots. 


'Eternity' ankle boots
I came across a pair of these at Jeremy's on College Ave. There was ONE pair, in MY size, at a super discount. I've had them since 2010 they've needed servicing twice (leading me to find my favorite cobbler.) They have been through a lot including the toe of one was chewed by our dog, but they've aged super well, (at least to my standard!) Happy to say they're living up to their name

I love the stacked wood heel and the sewn + logo 


Below are Danner's. Made in Oregon.
I am all about nice logos on shoe boxes and packaging but prefer not to wear logos. 
... if the tongue wasn't enough, they've also stamped the heel...


Look like a good old quintessential work boot.

Above are from Jcrew and below are from Zappo's
The Jcrew has a roughed up leather, an embossed wing, and no contrast stitching. 


Above are styled by Jcrew and below are from Zappo's
Jcrew's have a loop at the back and lace hooks. 


Below are the Iron Ranger boots by Redwing
I used to loooove these boots! But now I am critical of a few things...

The sole, looks comfortable, though made with cork it looks like a composite, and is it durable? 
Can the boot be resoled?
The contrast stitching seems a little showy.


*The retirement community at my relatives in Pennsylvania

Thursday, November 14, 2013

1st Annual Alameda Point Pie Off

Here is  Leon, the founder/instigator of the Pie Off with the score card next to Bob Newhall.
Part of the Pie line up, and the trophy, made by the one and only Leon
Copper crust, ball bearing berries complete with epoxy puddle. 
Coffee was provided by Alameda Point Studios' very own resident coffee roaster Steve owner of JavaRumba.

 And the winner is... Sally! Who brought, an apple pie straight from the oven, it was still warm, with the most delicious and perfectly buttery but still somehow light crust, delivered in a basket. It was delicious! (Mom, I'm yet to learn your ways)

The trophy is on display courtesy of Dean Santner* in the foyer of our building with a dedicated plaque for the winner. 

*Basically when the winner's husband happens to be an exquisite woodworker,  he gets pressured into making a trophy display case.  For the record he wasn't even in attendance at the Pie Off.  I am speculating when I say this but he may have had more pressing priorities.